A Decade of Excellence

The past decade has provided nothing less than excitement for American sports fanatics both fair-weather and diehard alike.  No matter your favorite team, you cannot deny this previous decade has been a memorable timeline in professional sports. First, let’s begin with the amazing feat that is the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred

MLB All-Star Game 2018

It was about 4:50pm, I had just parked my car in the WMATA Metro parking garage and started walking to the Metro Entrance.  The regular stampede of 9 to 5ers hurriedly scattered out of the metro station as they do on any other Tuesday in Washington.  An older man, probably

The Sportsmanship of Yoga

Ok guys, chances are your mom, girlfriend or wife has harassed you, at least once, to go to a yoga class with her, or a doctor has suggested you go to yoga to recover from an injury or to reduce stress. Chances are also pretty good that you IMMEDIATELY dismiss

Audi Field & The 3 R’s: Rooney, Restrooms, and Refills

On July 14, 2018 DC United and Washington, D.C. officially opened their newest sports stadium. Audi Field is not only a literal upgrade from the dilapidated RFK, but a right fit. The new stadium was planned and built for football, no not the American kind, the kind the rest of

In The Year Of The Underdog

This year the Philadelphia Eagles lost their starting QB to injury. With a backup QB they won their division and made it to their second Super Bowl appearance ever. As a demonstrative underdog to Tom Brady’s New England Patriots, they won their first Super Bowl in franchise history. The Washington Capitals